Apply to be a
Flourish Festival Ambassador

What is an ambassador?


Are you a yoga teacher that would love to be a part of the Festival without teaching?

Would you like to offer your students a discount code to purchase festival tickets?

Maybe you would like to attend the festival yourself and thought you would like to get involved.

Whichever you may be we would love to spread the gift of yoga as far wide as we can! 

Ambassadors must be an actively working Yoga studio/business owner, Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer, Life Coach, Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist, Fitness studio/business owners, etc.
Large following on social media, and or access to a large amount students and people who want healing.

As a Flourish Festival Ambassador you personally will receive 1 x 3 day festival ticket, and 25 tickets linked to a promo code for your students/followers/clients etc to receive 32% off both 3 day tickets and 2 day tickets! Special note: you must sell a minimum of 10 tickets through your promo code to be eligible to receive your free ticket! If you are unable to meet the minimum you can use your promo code for 32% off your own ticket.

Ambassadors help spread the gift and joy of yoga!
 so we can come together and heal. Ambassadors must operate from their heart and from love for the community and are applying simply because they want to give. Ambassador positions are limited.

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