Become a Food Vendor at
Flourish Yoga Festival!

This festival there will be more food and other stall vendors and we are aiming to create a market style atmosphere beneath the Undercroft area of the Town Hall. We will be holding the festival over 2.5 days and therefore gives participants the time to browse and enjoy your offerings while going into and out of the classes but also to passersby who are in the City sightseeing and shopping. Apply if you are one of the following types of food vendors gluten free, vegetarian, raw, dairy free, vegan etc.
We would love various healthy options and a few naughty.

The form below is to apply for the opportunity to become a food vendor at the Flourish Yoga Festival. If you would like further involvement in the Flourish Yoga Festival check out how you can become a sponsor!

With varied tiers of inclusions, for example, website and social media marketing, market stalls, as well as tickets you can auction off, sell or gift to your students, clients or customers, there is even an option to use a space for a presentation or talk etc.

   Check dimensions of the undercroft arches. Some food and market stalls will not be able to fit through the arches.

It is your responsibility to check the dimensions and ensure your stall or van fits before you apply. 

Please provide your own trestle table and chair, promotion brochures and flyers, payment taking facilities and power supply.

As a food vendor you also have to apply for a Temporary Food Vendor Permit with the City of Perth, this will need to be uploaded to your application form.

  As a Flourish Yoga Festival Food Vendor we will provide you with a poster to display leading up to the festival, this may include at your regular local flea markets, other festivals and events etc.
The poster will include information about the festival but also display an individual promo code associated with your business! The promotion will offer 10% off all ticket options to customers who use your code!

We will list your business on our vendors page, linking your website and social media handles etc!

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